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As cofounder and inventor of Zebra Mix, we were involved in every step in bringing this innovative brand to market.  As a kids food product, we have the freedom to infuse playfulness and invention into our marketing approach. From mailing zebra fur covered sample boxes to buyers, to topping a endcap display with at galloping zebra cutout, we took great pride in marketing our product as a fun, smart activity for kids. 

We were responsible for inventing brand imagery, developing marketing strategy, along with the design of all marketing materials, sales presentations, web and online advertising, tradeshow booth and collateral, and sales promotions.


Zebra Mix is an inspired line of

baking kits that gets kids in the kitchen, builds critical and

creative thinking skills and

amazingly delicious cookies

and other baked goodies - all

while they’re stirring up fun!

Zebra Mix kits include large

foldout directions that kids

follow much like a gameboard.

These engaging, game-like

instructions incorporate smart

learning along with fun and

educational activities.

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